Sunday, March 15, 2009

dream a little dream of me

stars shining bright above you 

night breezes seem to whisper "i love you" 

birds singing in the sycamore tree 

dream a little dream of me 

say "night-ie night" and kiss me 

just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me 

while i'm alone and blue as can be 

dream a little dream of me 

stars fading but i linger on, dear 

still craving your kiss 

i'm longing to linger till dawn, dear 

just saying this 

sweet dreams till sunbeams find you 

sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you 

but in your dreams whatever they be 

dream a little dream of me

little list of thoughts

*a little too melodramatic

*everything seems brighter without any particular reason

*you make me want to give my heart away (for good)

*wasted too much time on men

*never de-romanticize the body

*hope mama cass elliot didn't die so alone as they say

*red is the way to go with lips, always

*i cannot resist tuberose perfume

*wish you were here to say nightie-night

*i have dreams about your skin and how soft it feels

*wish i could dress in black more often

*chocolate withdrawal is tough

*it's not that bad, you just love to complain

*next week is your birthday and it will be the first time i won't be with you

(blanket girls, always going through that and this, there's nothing we can't fix, i said)

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