Sunday, March 22, 2009

heart paper lover

at the end of the day, sadness becomes a little too much to bear. you hardly know when it arrives yet when it’s there, you want to say good bye, you want to say “so long, i don’t miss you anymore”. at the end of the day you want to cradle dreams like babies, you want this heavy weight to be lifted away. you start filling the silence with red lips, too much perfume, sunglasses and silly glossy magazines to keep your mind away from your heart, but it’s always there, the silence, the heartache, missing and aching for you at every breath. you are air inside of my lungs, the weight of your absence has become impossible to bear, so i try to burry my vision, i try to pretend you are here more than not. these days are filled with endless dreams of beauty, floral waltzes and caramel wishes. these days are all fantasies and little girl lies. these days will always remain as the days where i stopped seeing in order to blindly believe. wherever you are, you are thinking of me, you will come back soon and there will be no more fears, no more sadness. at the end of the day is beauty the one that outlives sadness, i don’t cry anymore, i believe.

L'Age Mûr by Camille Claudel

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