Friday, March 27, 2009

“I cover the waterfront, I’m watching the sea...
will the one i love be coming back to me?
I cover the waterfront in search of my love
And i’m covered by a starlit sky above”

Some nights silence is not my only’s the tenderness in your voice, how it caresses me with its palpitating melody, how it lulls me to sleep and awakes me until it shakes away my conciousness. The sound of your words, the sweetness with which you sing my name as if it were a poem breezed by the sea, as if it were a promese, a truth impossible to forget. It is the color of your skin, how i remember its soft brush agaisnt mine, the candor of your chest that is my chest, my home, an island to which i always come back. My hands lost in the abundance of your hair, your face hidden between that warm space between my neck and my shoulders. Your hands pulling me closer, searching for me, stealing me from myself to that heavenly place that is you. It is not always the absence, a lost beautiful song. Some nights, it is the beauty, the certainty that you soon will be inside of me, close to me, over my body, making new marks to wear with pride, bestowing gifts to Aphrodite, calming the storms and the moons, making melodies of everyday phrases, singing about your new adventures, making an unforgettable encounter of every night. In the presence of your lips, a new moon is born within me.

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