Friday, March 27, 2009

Time flies, girls stop being girls and they turn into flowers, into naked blood. Boys become men that cross oceans, men with wide shoulders, strong long legs and lips that kiss and kiss leaving a stain. Girsl cease to be muted lights, now they are softer, more delicate, mysterious. Men promese shared lives, they get married, they move away and live in strange lands. They fall in love with invisible women, forget the flowers, they leave them behind. Women wait, like seagulls drenched in love, like someone who creates, who gives birth, who loves and loves more thant anybody could believe. Time flies and there is people trapped between men and women, trapped between lovers and loved ones, between flowers and melancholy. Some people get lost in the shadows, they undress at dawn, say farewell and fall in love again. Everyday. Men disappear, women stay, they blossom into flowers while some men watch them grow, they smile and and swing their hips. Men disappear, women blossom. Time flies

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