Sunday, April 26, 2009

The nursery rhymes, the soft tender songs of innocence sung to you as you closed your thin eyelids like you close a heart kept with a lifetime of secrets. The same memory of feeling drowsy for being rocked in the heavenly arms of love, the breezy future, the posibilities, everything that once was and shall never be again. What is the difference now? What have you lost? You still have the limerence, that tender & romantic outlook in life keeping you afloat and abloomed in the darkest moments. You have the songs from the swan lake, the feather white skin, the plush rosebud lips , you haven’t lost a thing, darling mine, you have everything, you have love by your side. As the swans, you mate for life, you give your heart over and over and rarely to things that want you but to things you want to keep forever, still under the night sky you are one of those silly lovers who happen to believe in forever and happy ever afters. Above all earthly riches you want to be in love and you are willing to pay the highest price for the mere posibility of falling in love further, harder, even if it means pain and sadness. Isn’t it marvelous? This glowy state of love, the sparkling look in your eyes, the pale surface of your face blushing blushing to give every secret away, all the mysteries hidden in the lily that is your heart. Surrender, lover, limerence is all you are, there is nothing to hide anymore.

from my love diaries

some lovely nymphs i drew this week

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