Monday, April 13, 2009

swan lake

And through all this time I have loved you like a swan, with elegance, unfolding wings with petal grace, stretching my neck upwards to hold every missing heartbeat in your chest. I have danced in circles, closing my eyes in hopes of learning to follow you by instinct (I have chased your voice like a trail of honey, it lulls and rocks me like fairytale dreams and promises unbroken). I have loved you at your weakest, while you were feverish and dangerously sick. I have loved you at your ugliest, as every tear from your eyes turned into crystal lace for me to hold and cherish. I have loved you at the very moment where life has threatened to break me in halves, I have stayed, I have lingered long enough to know the rhythm of your breath, the way your chest grows like mountains to hold the precious thin air around us, I have seen your eyes gleam in the presence of a smile, I have seen your face and only your face at the very moment when your body becomes a part of me, when you kiss me goodnight, when you repeat those funny things that are sure to make me laugh. Through heartache and heartbreak I have swum beside you, I have given you my heart, all the purity and the innocence I had left. I have cried and sighted for you, I have led battles against old fears, all of these in your name, all of this with your beautiful image in my mind. I have renounced any possibility of physical and amorous pleasure without your presence, I have ached, I have bled for you. I am stripped naked and I have no regrets. I am filled with love for you and shall always be. I have given myself wholly and I will continue to breed more, to bloom and spring, all of this for you, always love for you.

Margot Fonteyn & Rudolph Nureyev
in Swan Lake

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