Sunday, April 19, 2009


this past summer, i went to paris with my dear dear dear dear dear friend isa,
i have been too silly and too busy to post most photographs from paris and she looks too beautiful and dreamy to miss this oportunity

some things about her:
♥ she has the most beautiful pout in the world
♥ she once had a blue blue bird room i loved so much
(everything was blue, even the celiling)
now it's violet and i sure will love it too but i haven't seen it yet!
♥ she can wear ballerina flats like no other
♥ red lipstick looks wonderful on her
♥ she started my long life obsession with juicy tubes and lancome
♥ she has the sweetest tooth i have even seen (apart from mine, of course)
♥ she makes the most adorable and dreamy accesories for your hair and heart
♥ we met in the funniest way and i fell in love the first time i met her
♥ we used to fight over the cocorosie sisters
(which is kinda embarassing now)
♥ she can make a potato sack look glamorous
♥ she beautifies everything
(there is nothing around her without her precious personal touch)
♥ she has the most delicate nymph like torso frame
♥ her lashes are a dream
♥ people say over and over we look alike and think we are brother and sister all the time
♥ i have lifetime of memories of us two
♥ she writes dreamy letters and make wonderful paper cards and cd covers
♥ her gifts and presents are always a treasure

she gave me these wonderful carnations when she left paris

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