Sunday, July 5, 2009


Spring is still here, darling. 25 a day and all the flowers are abloom and fragant with hope and inspiration. There is nothing to hide, nothing to cry about, only love. There was this little part of me that was petrified about standing tall at 25, there was this fear of losing innocence, of losing even more blood over lovers, of missing the ghost of what I once was over old age and sorrow. Last night was ablazed in bright lights and caresses, last night was the perfect start to a year that shall be wonderful and filled with beauty. Such tenderness, such beating heart under tender glances and the laughter of the ones I love the most (The only one missing was you, Sailor mine, if you could only swim the oceans to rest in my arms for the night, if you could only share this overwhelming joy that overcomes my body when it is slightly tipped over your chest, when it listens to the beat beat of your wild heart, you would be amazed at the strength I hold in this seemingly coy and tender soul of mine). I have been nothing but blessed, I have spent all these years bathed in the softest haze, building castles in the air, waltzing to most wonderful tunes, threading the path of love with the dearest sense of wonder. I have flown over continents, I have kissed lips with red fury, I have written verses with the muse of Aphrodite, I have coloured sad eyed dolls, I have dreamed, i have lived, I have loved. There is nothing to be sad about, You were once born a lover and shall always remain one.

My 25th birthday was spent in a beautiful haze of hugs and kisses, endless glasses of champagne sipped with lips red with Chanel lipgloss. There was food, laughter, gossip and warmth. There were gifts, chocolates, perfume, flowers and dolls. I could never ask for more, I was happy, I was loved.

here are some of the dear gifts I received from friends and lovers

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Mathyld / encore petite said...

Aw ! So much tenderness !
Happy Belated Birthday, dearest C*
I love Cancers, they are the sweetest ♥
x x x