Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Brunch with Mathyld

A few shy days away from leaving Paris I met the most darling wonderful girl, Mathyld ( We had been taking little peeks into each other's world for a couple of months and since that time, I have been absolutely enchanted by the exquisite delicacy and care she puts into every little creation. I have always thought that is so evident to see when things are created with love and devotion and I can definetely see that in each one of Mathyld's beauties, every brooch, every bag and little owlette is crafted with such heavenly dedication that you can't help but falling in love with every little thing her hands and heart give birth to.

Meeting her was a terribly dreamy experience, she is the warmest, most sincere person I have known in a very long time, she invited me over to her incredibly beautiful house and made the most scrumptious brunch you could ever dream. We talked and talked, shared secrets and stories and exchanged little gifts, drank endless cups of teas and promised to meet again in the future!. This is a girl I want to keep in my life forever, everything around her, her walls, her living room, her shelves were blooming with beauty. I could keep going on forever and I would never stop, so I leave here some photographs of our dear brunch and the little gifts we exchanged.

the darling gifts she gave me

one of her darling creations, a teapot brooch I shall always wear with pride

oh you must must visit her Etsy shop and see all of her little wonders

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Mathyld / encore petite said...

Aw, Dearest C*
You are the sweetest ...

Sending hugs from across the deepest seas,
x x x