Sunday, August 30, 2009

It’s all a fantasy, my darling, the plush seductive lips, the long black as night lashes, the soft limbs on the bed we share, the carefully arranged messy hair, the candied flesh, the whispery voice, the wet rosy insides of this mouth that wants you more than anything. I am all candy lies and forevers, all “want me want me, a little bit more, a little bit longer, deeper, kiss me, haunt me, keep me keep me, love me, longer than life, never as hard as i love you for it would be the end of us”, I am all ruby red desire and lingering dark rose perfumes to bed, all Marilyn Monroe bedroom eyes and a face of pale virgin beauty. All i have ever wanted to be is a fantasy, whatever you dream of, whatever you yearn for, all I want is your love, your presence, the burning sensation your hands exude, the burden of carrying your secrets, your scent all over my body. I will never be done celebrating this wonderful love creature I have become, I will never stop dreaming of your lips gliding down my neck, you have made me all blossoms and new moons, no matter the heartache, no matter the absence, all i have ever wanted was to love you, to have your voice murmur words turned into lovesongs to my ear. I have no hope of surviving you, no hope of making it out alive but I still would rather be a fantasy that a ghost of someone who once was in love. Kiss me once more, keep me, haunt me, love me, never as hard as I have loved you.

"I spent all night getting it right so you would love me more,
so you would love me more
so you would love me more.

Katie Jane Garside

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