Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My darling friend V and I had a tea party this past sunday, we made cupcakes with lilac glitter frosting and vanilla filling, which we had with endless cups of rose tea. We also had banana milkshakes, heartshaped cakes and a fruit salad with strawberries, melon, peaches and banana.

V and I started this little secret blog project a couple of months ago where we shared our thoughts and current loves
we have decided to make it public now,
do drop by and take a look at all the photographs we took of our dear tea party



Mathyld / encore petite said...

I love this, C*

It's almost like I was there ... It reminds me of the Tea-Party / Brunch we had in Paris ...
I adore the miniature tea set & the wee cake-cart of course !

I miss you,
x x x

me melodia said...

so darling.

c* said...

thank you little mathyld. You have no idea of how often I think of our time together.xo.

darling me melodia
i send little kisses over the ocean!