Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Grace and beauty do not come very often in life, they are mostly scattered around a lifetime and sometimes they never show up when they are needed so whenever they do, it is necessary to welcome them. Beauty is a fickle lady, you'll never be young again, you'll never have a wrinkle free face ever again, you'll never be as soft and tender as the moment when you feel grace blooming within. There will never be another time for this, spring will not last forever so let us take it in with open arms and rest quietly in its crown of glory.

There are two things that I will always find graceful

swans and ballerinas.

I'll never be ballerina so for the rest of my life,

I'll try to be a swan...

"One swan is deceiving us all
Oh I for one should know
I never felt myself so graceful
And I never swam so slow"

Camera Obscura - Swans


Tree Castles said...

oh this is just lovely.
i love how you ended this right before camera obscura's lyrics.
"I'll never be ballerina so for the rest of my life,
I'll try to be a swan..."


c* said...

thank you darling Tree Castles. your blog and everything you write is ever so dreamy
i send kisskisskisses across the oceans.

Tree Castles said...

<3 !!! You are so sweet! I came by to thank you again for the comment you left, and I just found this comment of yours here! And I'm so glad to have read it.
Thank you, thank you dearly!

I can't wait for your next post and the magical quilt of words that you'll spin. You have a kind of magic that makes me think of diamond stars inside caves by the lake where water nymphs bathe.

c* said...

oh darling treecastles
you make me blush and blush.
you are so warm and kind.
you have no idea of how much your words mean to me..
you are precious!