Sunday, November 29, 2009

a loveletter

Darling, little darling... a lovesong laces through your bambi heart like thread & ruby blood. Somewhere is always warmer, it smells like honeysuckle, like flora, like hummingbirds and the cry of dolls who onced cried because they could never be real girls. There is always some boy, always a dream, a desire, a light that shimmers through the swan coloured curtains of every room you've ever spent your life in, there is always the song of loneliness, the sight of Garbo with her tired lids. Always perfume where you go, the soft touch of angels and nymphs. A life of unopened birthday presents, of barefoot dancing in a room that looks like the sky, there are always larks and solace found in the small things. A honeymoon that never ends, arms that will never get tired of holding, watercolours made out of moonwater. Honey, sweetheart, darling mine. There'll be photographs and the scent of loved ones, there will always be castles you can see from afar, glass slippers, hands to hold, warmth, lovelovelove, above all things and whenever sorrow overflows, even if all the sailors drown in terrible oceans, there will always be love, poetry, beauty to light a tiny spark in the darkest of nights.

(whenever the blues try to drown you,
sing a song to yourself.
write a letter that no one could ever write to you)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Skin and bones tender like flowers in the snow, I have been afraid any touch would bruise me like a petal, afraid time could never stop but it has stopped for me. Now it has started to run like it does for everybody else and I will run behind it, never a step ahead.

A couple of years ago I packed my things and went away with you, I sold almost every little thing I owned but I kept some of them hidden, I kept memories, letters from girls who loved me, gifts from other men. I threw away much of the things that nobody wanted to buy but I sold too much. Above all things, I kept myself, I was wise enough to have chosen me over you (oh darling, if I could I would have chosen you, the warmth of your skin, the raven black hair of a boy who loved the tides and the unknown more than he could ever love anybody).

A couple of years ago, I spent days dressed in dreams, thinking that no matter what happened, love could overcome all the dangers and the misery, but it didn't and when it didn't, the word "goodbye" was flying from my lips as once the words "I love you" flew from them.

On a beautiful day, like any other, you pinned me to a wooden box and sold me to the highest bidder. Nor love or time could undo what was done.

I cried, darling. I cried like nobody has ever cried.

There was no time to save what love couldn't save before.

(The weeping Venus by Romaine Brooks)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Super Vente!

My dearest friend Mathyld from Encore Petite
is having a Super Sell on December 6th & 13th.

The Super Sell or Super Vente in french, will feature some of her lovely handmade creations as well as the ones made by other amazing artists and crafters.

She will be kind enough to hold a little table with some of my items.
She'll have watercolours (small & large), brooches and stickers.

here is the poster:

here some links:

* Links *

Contact :
Facebook : Supervente sur Facebook
Myspace : Supervente sur Myspace

* Participants *

Anastasiajamin :
Coloriste en Herbe
Dollymix :
Encore Petite :
Hibou Caillou Chou :
Lala Rose
L'Atelier d'une Fée :
Les Ronds'Chapo :
Lou Lou & Oscar :
Mamzelle Drash :
Mupmup :
Resurrection Fern :

here is the portfolio:

and here are some of the things you might find at my table!

If you happen to be in Paris on December the 6th and 13th, don't hesitate to drop by and take home lots of wonderful handmade goodies made with love!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

♥ precious gifts ♥

These past days I've gotten wonderful precious gifts from dear girlie darlings mine. One of the many things I truly enjoy of the girls I love is how throughtful and careful they are with every little gift, even the most simple of surprises is a feist, a wonder...a magnificent treasure to behold and adore.

The teacup pouch filled with lavander from the South of Frace and these other pretty things come from my dear darling friend Mathyld

We met in Paris this past summer when she invited over to the most scrumptious brunch filled with rose shaped apple muffins, tea, fruit salad, fizzy drinks and homemade tiny pancakes. Ever since, we've been sharing thoughts and secrets over loveletters. Very soon, she'll hold a Super Vente where she will be selling her darling handmade crafts and some of my dear dollies.

At her blog, you can find more information about her Super Vente and I will post here the details and information about it very soon

Barry Lyndom tea by Miss Maple
(a black tea with violet, grapefruit & lotus flower)

Zorah organic face masks

A little loveletter with the most gorgeous handwriting

These next letter and photographs come from my muse, model and dearest friend v*

She takes the most darling photographs, filled with dreamy intent and delicacy. Even if she will refuse to acknowledge it, she is a true artist and I adore her ever so

These are some of her first takes at film photography

It means the world to me to be able to hold these beauties in my hands.

here is a link to her photostream

These dear package came flying into my lap from my dearest sensualist Sara.
She melts my heart into pools of joy and sorrow with her rich and ever so warm photographs. I am proud to say she's been one of my most cherished pen pals and one of the few that has remained so since the very beginning.
She has a fabulous predilection for red. Everytime I see scarlet lips and burgundy wine I think of her.

Two of her magnificent photographs

Wonderful antique photographs and a short story by Renée Vivien that made my heart stand still until I finished reading it
(I've read it over and over and over this weekend before going to bed)

Do look into her photography book and buy a copy for you and your friends,
They'll thank you for life.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

like bougainvilleas

In my heart, the girls in my life are like bougainvilleas. Terribly enchanting and softer than silk, tiny fragile pieces of heaven yet sturdy and everflowering. They hold a tiny white core with wonderful secrets and misteries. They blossom beyond the sun, under rain and thunderstorms. The men in my life have come and gone, they disappear quickly or never know how to stay. I could tell endless old stories from the men I have loved, the girls, always remain. Even if I have given my heart to sailors and astronauts time and time again, the girls in my life are the ones who have kept it afloat. It's always spring within m,e even when it's cloudy.

Only a girl knows could teach you how to grow and flower despite the mud,
only a girl knows how to turn the sorrow into shimmer,
the blues into ballerinapink.