Thursday, November 12, 2009

like bougainvilleas

In my heart, the girls in my life are like bougainvilleas. Terribly enchanting and softer than silk, tiny fragile pieces of heaven yet sturdy and everflowering. They hold a tiny white core with wonderful secrets and misteries. They blossom beyond the sun, under rain and thunderstorms. The men in my life have come and gone, they disappear quickly or never know how to stay. I could tell endless old stories from the men I have loved, the girls, always remain. Even if I have given my heart to sailors and astronauts time and time again, the girls in my life are the ones who have kept it afloat. It's always spring within m,e even when it's cloudy.

Only a girl knows could teach you how to grow and flower despite the mud,
only a girl knows how to turn the sorrow into shimmer,
the blues into ballerinapink.


Tree Castles said...

!!! How wonderful, how wonderful!
It was exciting to find a new post right away! This is darling.
My mom grows bougainvilleas in our backyard... and now I shall always remember these words you wrote when I look at them and how you described them beautifully to girls.
It's true... we do have tiny white cores like secrets and mysteries. I love that part.
Your writing reminds me a bit of Francesca Lia Block. Her books are amazing and colorful.
Yours are so colorful, too.
And yes, boys come and go. Sigh.

Your words are so enchanting.

Mathyld / encore petite said...

True poetry, as usual.
I love the way you can open your heart freely, being totally, utterly honest without being exposed ...

I love & miss you. So much.

x x x