Sunday, November 29, 2009

a loveletter

Darling, little darling... a lovesong laces through your bambi heart like thread & ruby blood. Somewhere is always warmer, it smells like honeysuckle, like flora, like hummingbirds and the cry of dolls who onced cried because they could never be real girls. There is always some boy, always a dream, a desire, a light that shimmers through the swan coloured curtains of every room you've ever spent your life in, there is always the song of loneliness, the sight of Garbo with her tired lids. Always perfume where you go, the soft touch of angels and nymphs. A life of unopened birthday presents, of barefoot dancing in a room that looks like the sky, there are always larks and solace found in the small things. A honeymoon that never ends, arms that will never get tired of holding, watercolours made out of moonwater. Honey, sweetheart, darling mine. There'll be photographs and the scent of loved ones, there will always be castles you can see from afar, glass slippers, hands to hold, warmth, lovelovelove, above all things and whenever sorrow overflows, even if all the sailors drown in terrible oceans, there will always be love, poetry, beauty to light a tiny spark in the darkest of nights.

(whenever the blues try to drown you,
sing a song to yourself.
write a letter that no one could ever write to you)


Sara B. said...

I hope to be seeing more of you! Hope you had a splendid Christmas my darling of darlings. <3

c* said...

i love you even more ( if that's even possible ) with each passing day