Friday, January 8, 2010

3 things you love about me

the perfumes I would only wear for you
(how your sheets and clothes end up scented with them)

my love for beautiful things like jade teapots,
silk roses and heart-shaped precious stones

my almost criminal use of mascara
(big dramatic eyes that could only cry and cry for you)

("summer time was hard
and I knew it on the spot,
I would marry you
some sunny day,
Baby, I know it's strange
to end up this way,
a mistress on a sunny day")

Marissa Nadler


Sara Berger said...

I have to find out where I can get all the varietirs of the Yardley perfumes. So far I've only found Lavender & Lilly of the Valley which are both lovely, but I want more! <3

c* said...

oh you must!
i love the Magnolia & Rose perfume. There is one that is called April Violets, I'd die to try that one.
You must try the soaps!
they are so terribly creamy and sensual!


Sara Berger said...

i have the lavender and oatmeal almond soaps! they are lovely! but i can only use them in summer, my skin needs lots of moisture in the winter months <3

Sara Berger said...

alas it seems that no drug stores in toronto are carrying the yardley EDTs :( did you order yours online?

Sara Berger said...

also, is Flora good? i adore the adverts for it! let me know and i'll go take a sniff at the nearest department store <3

c* said...

Dear Sara
I didn't order mine online but I'm quite sure that there must be lots of places where you can do it.

Flora is quite a magical little thing.
it's all roses and peony, fresh & sweet, very romantic, like rose jasmine tea in the afternoon, a caress with rose tinted fingertips all over your face!

it's so soft and marvelous!


Sara Berger said...

rose & peony oh my!