Sunday, January 3, 2010

sunday breakfast

a lovely sunday breakfast of

♥ heartshaped chocolate chips cookies v* and I made yesterday.
♥ heartshaped toast with guava jam and candy sprinkles.
♥ sparkling mimosa (because champagne is for breakfast too!).
♥ organic indian chai tea.

I love waking up early and having breakfast while gazing out the window. I love quiet mornings and time to dream and sip tea as slow as you can. I love mimosas in the morning because they make me feel all tingly and glittering inside, I love setting up the table for one and using all the special china, because there is nothing greater than starting the morning with beauty and joy.

There is no way to ruin a day after a wonderful breakfast!


Sara B. said...

gorgeous! and i absolutely agree, breakfast time should be a sacred ritual. if i don't have a proper one (especially on the weekends) i'm a basket case for the rest of the day!

c* said...

oh it's absolutely true!
breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day!

what's your favorite food to have for breakfast, darling sara?


Sara B. said...

croissants with strawberry jam, jellied rose petals, or orange marmalade. and a nice bowl of hot chocolate or cafe au lait. ♥

c* said...

sounds like the perfect breakfast to me!