Friday, January 8, 2010

♥ us ♥

♥ one of the many journals I've filled with dreams, love poems, letters I never mailed
and feverish descriptions of love making and romantic encounters.

♥ "I would marry you some sunny day"

♥ "our love is the color of roses"

♥ the ruby lipsticks you love so much.

♥ wooden hearts to make mine stronger.

♥ strawberries I'd feed you.

♥ a mermaid charm to wash the sailors ashore.

♥ a weeping magdalene with a vessel filled with heavenly perfumes.

♥ "dreams and scars and letters on the line"


Mignonette said...

Sometimes I wish I wasn't so crazy... I have been writing journals since I was about 12, I had close to ten journals, and one evening something was going on and I got paranoid, I ripped them up and burned them... I didn't want anyone to read them - and get to know me in such a deep manner... I regret it now, why did I do it!? I always do silly irrational things.

I love youxoxx

c* said...

oh i know what you mean, I've been keeping journals since I was 16. I have countless notebooks and all I have ever done is keep them hidden in drawers and such. It makes me feel sad sometimes, knowing there is so much of me in those pages, knowing how fragile and wonderful life can be.

i adore you, my dearest fae.

yours truly.