Tuesday, February 16, 2010

take a picture

I don't usually do "party photographs", I find it rather silly and boring but someday I want to be able to have visual memories of these beautiful moments spent with the darlings I love the most. These nights when we were young, drank rosé champagne and laughed until our lungs hurt. Nights filled with a sugary taste, where girls wore rubyred lipstick, miniskirts and art deco perfumes that bloomed all over the rooms. Nights where everything was wonderful and there was any other place where we would rather be.


encorepetite said...

I love these photos, C* !
Wish I were there, too ...
x x x

Sara B. said...

oh am i ever glad you decided to post these! they are wonderful, my smile is huge right now xoxo

v* said...

this is how i will dearly remember our youth.

Mignonette said...

Oh how fun...<3

I don't even remember the last party I went to. I am such a recluse! :!