Sunday, February 21, 2010

♥ weekend ♥

This weekend we:

♥ laughed ourselves silly until there were no more laughs.
♥ made wonderful parfaits with chocolate, strawberries, cake, peanuts and whipped cream.
♥ drank champagne with swimming peaches in it.
♥ watched Funny Face until there were no more sighs in our bodies.
♥ slept next to each other and whispered secrets in the dark.


Mignonette said...

Yummy... I need this right now.


Line&Trine said...

It looks so delicious!! do now follow you ;)
have a look at our blog, if you like?

encorepetite said...

I tagged you ! Play if you wish, I'd sure love to read your answers :)

Details here :

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