Monday, February 1, 2010

a week's worth of love

daydreaming way too much about Bettie Page.
♥ "Is that the devil in your eyes?"

♥ A lovely christmas card from Sara
(oh darling, better late than never!
it made my day,
my week,
my month).

♥ If I had all the money in the world, I would spend it buying wonderful Art Nouveau objects and it would look just like the one Mia Farrow and Elizabeth Taylor share in Secret Ceremony (minus the crazy of course).

♥ "Oh so romantic, swept me off my feet,
like some kind of magic,
like the light in Italy
lost its way across the sea."

Kate Bush

♥ darling dreamboat James Dean.

♥ His profile looks just like yours and this photograph is just like taking a knife to my heart.
So beautiful, like you.

♥ Hello sailor!

♥ These little things perfectly describe my days at work

(daydreaming, getting by, fly away like a lark, lipgloss, sunglasses, friends, sweetness
and pink).

I'd be so fired if they knew this!

♥ this loveletter I wrote to you

Dearest sailor

The first time we made love, I was broken into pieces, all diamonds and ruby dust. The possibility of unity and cohesiveness became a far gone dream amidst those seas we traveled together. If there ever was a naufrage of love, it was me, I had no way to hide all that was overpouring. The ghost of distance was not as powerful as it has become now, there was an uneasiness between us, the friction between two bodies of water so different yet swirling under the same tides. I remember all those times I said “there will always be mermaids for the sailors in your blood” and oh how my mermaids have washed you ashore time and time again. Back in those days, love overtook my body whole, there were no needs or thirst but to be and die by your side, there were no reasons to cry & the ghost of loneliness did not live in my heart.

Seagulls once sang me to sleep, now they pick my bones and my heart hoping to steal secrets & leave me for dead like carrion.

Now that my body is covered in blood and bruises, I can finally understand how distance wounds and burns. It has become our worst enemy, even with all the love in the world, it can still win the final battle. Some days I fear such sorrow cannot be erased nor beaten, our love is as strong as ever but I feel weak and tired, unable to speak of the depth of the sadness that turns my days into nights.

I will hold on, I will remember and I will wait but I cannot tell how much longer my heart could resist.

Come, come soon and save me.



♥ this song I love so much:

Florence And The Machine - Cosmic Love


Sara B. said...

like the sweetest breeze to my cheek this much desired post of yours! <3 teach me how to burn like you do! or at least to not let my own little flame extinguish. xo

Sara B. said...

ps: i have a book on the Arts & Crafts movement in the same collection and I just adore it! I will try to find this one also.

c* said...

darling mine, you do burn and sparkle like amethysts on fire.
I adore you so
and yes yes yes
you must find that book!
it's too marvelous for words!


Mignonette said...

You break my heart... always...