Monday, March 8, 2010

for Mathyld

My dearest dear Mathyld tagged me with this lovely little meme!

10 things that make me happy.

1. lazy breakfasts of toast and coffee
(with candy sprinkles on everything, please!)

2. taking photographs of my darling friends
(nobody could ever be more beautiful than those I love and treasure!)

3. Paris fashion week
(nothing like seeing all those beautiful dreams came true)

4. Mocaccinos

5. my lover's voice
(even if we are so far apart)

6. the ghost of Lillian Gish

7. walking barefoot around my house

8. sleeping with two pillows

9. lilies in my room
(my favorite flower)

10. the misty romantic songs of sixties girl groups and nostalgic french singers


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for playing !
I love love your ten things ...

And what I love the most is that you put sprinkles on everything ...
Even on friendship ♥

You're a little sparkling-spinkle and I love you for that.

x x x

c* said...

oh my little darling, you are too beautiful and missed!
i love you so much!