Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Darling mine,

Amongst all things, you were born and always will be a flower, nor hatred or violence could ever destroy what you’ve made of yourself, dirty pretty things have always been beckoning despite the parade of vulgar, terrible moments with which life is overwhelmed. Do not fear a future that you haven’t chosen, do not run from days filled with ennui and desperation, do not cry over the compromises you have not made this far in your life. Do not sell yourself for little crumbs of sympathy, do not trade the love you’ve spurn for lingots of empty gold, love is greater than the whole world’s riches. Do not hide, nor change yourself in any way, do not change your thoughts and views on the world, do not lose hope, do not fall down over the memory of past bruises, do not hold yourself to their false standards of beauty. Do not weep because you’ve been beaten, weep because you’ve been loved and you will continue to be loved as long as you always chose yourself.

Darling love,
You are all you’ve got.
Don’t you ever forget this.



encorepetite said...

There is nothing I love more than your flowers photographs ...
These ones are the most beautiful ever ...

x x x

c* said...

oh darling how you make me blush and blush like a flower.
i love you
i can't wait to see you this summer!