Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the sphinx

Loneliness is not what you are runing from, baby. Most of the time, it’s sort of ok. Waking up alone and letting all those silly thoughts flood your head while you’re still in bed (he’s not here, he was not the one, you’ve made yourself up, you’ve dreamed yourself into swans and violets, you’ve turned tears into mermaids, you’ve died and come alive for love. You’ve wasted endless turnaround the clocks waiting for Prince Charming, you’ve laughed yourself silly, you’ve kept too many secrets, you’ve fallen from grace). Every morning, the light washes over you like waves and arms of flowers and you still hope and yearn for those same things that have been sleeping within you all along. You’ve cried because you’ve felt lonely but you’ve never been lonely, sugar, not now, nor ever. You’ve always been surrounded by nymphs and amazons, fawns and monsters. You have never been lonely but you are so terribly afraid of being alone so you run and run until you can run no more and then you hide and seek hands to hold, lips to kiss, ears to whisper sweet nothings to. Loneliness is not quite like being alone, darling. Loneliness comes from hearts who have been emptied of all hope and if there is one thing that has never failed you is that wonderful ability to find light when the skies are the darkest.

You’ve never been lonely...
You’re afraid.


Anna said...

Your blog is beautiful, your words are beautiful and your photography is stunning.

c* said...

oh thank you ever so Darling Anna. You are much too kind and always welcomed!