Wednesday, August 25, 2010

♥ ancora ♥

This is what you've made of me. Black lace & black widow spider, rouged cheeks to bed and honey in my mouth. Someone who loves you more than love itself, someone who cradles the very thought of having your arms around like a boa constrictor. Long black lashes and black tears over pillows, milky powdered skin, soft shoulders undressing dawn. A rose, a butterfly, bubbling rosé champagne, the velvety sensual voice of billie holiday, desire, opulence, high street dramatics. A lamb, a broken heart, a tuberose & a dream, a welcoming land, tender flesh of peach & aurora pink nuances. You've made me, you've had me, you've eaten from me, you've taken pieces and you've taken me apart, you've read me, you've hurt me, you've made love like no one has ever made love, you've robbed me my youth, you've had me and you've left me waiting. You've turned me into the moon, you made me understand what it is to be in love & to be alone, a palace of crystal ready to be shattered with stones.

Mina - Ancora Ancora Ancora


Alison Cross said...

Very poetic, very romantic :-)

Ali x

c* said...

thank you darling alison!