Friday, August 13, 2010

♥ Paris (Ruby Throat at Le Batofar) ♥

After years and years of chase and insane infatuation I finally got to see Katie Jane Garside live (under the outfit of Ruby Throat)
in a rocking boat on La Seine. She was everybit as fae as I ever thought she would be. Her hair was very messy with a crown of tiny wildflowers. She wore oversized sunglasses and a torn down babydoll dress held by safety pins and knots as she sang like the angels.
Never in my whole life I have heard such a precious golden voice!


Sara B. said...

darling, what magic! i could barely believe my eyes when i saw these photos, and the intimacy of them! i'm so happy you got to experience it <3

c* said...

Oh I don't think I'll ever forget this! it was such a dreamy experience and I was so so close to her. I could almost hear her breathe!


вℓoo∂ʏƆαρρʋccɛттo said...


Only to tell: this blog is the most precious that i see in a very long time and I love too Katie (specially in QueenAdreena).


c* said...

oh thank you ever so!
you're so kind!
your blog is wonderful as well!


вℓoo∂ʏƆαρρʋccɛттo said...

Thanks for the visit.
Kisses and regards.
<3 <3 <3 <3