Tuesday, October 12, 2010

♥ Chéri (Stephen Frears, 2009) ♥

A beautiful movie set in the Belle Epoque with exquisite costumes and Art Nouveau decors,
with a lovely sidedish of Michelle Pfeiffer and darling dreamboat Rupert Friend!

for more stills go here:



Sara B. said...

I still feel it could have had more depth to it, and that the courtesan jokes became a little nauseating...STILL...what beauty! I found myself getting a heavy crush on Michelle for the first time ever.

(ps: forgive my absence from these parts, i was in a tumblr web, but i cut it up now, i'm free again xo)

c* said...

Oh I agree with you completely, it's sort of a cliche about the belle epoque, it's shallow and silly but I kind of enjoy that. It's amusing and it didn't make me cry (which is quite a task these days, because I've even cried over France Gall videos!) but it's just so beautiful!


Sara B. said...

i cried! ha!