Sunday, October 17, 2010

♥ dolls ♥

One day we will be dolls no more, we will still have cheeks of candy pink and lips like a rose but our hearts won’t be broken. We won’t be gathering dust in shelves and perhaps we’ll leave the melancholy of these days behind, in the meanwhile, my darling lamb, I'll protect you, I'll nudge you and sing you to sleep over the oceans. A broken heart can always be healed.

One day we will be taken by hands of golden care until our bodies become someone else’s love and not just a pretty thing to own. One day we'll have overflowing love and we will still feel like dolls but we will be dolls no more. One day we will be free from what we fear and we will see and we will remember that we’ve never quite been dolls because dolls do not have hearts and because dolls can’t cry real tears

Never more sugar, spice and everything nice.
One day will be dolls no more.


Anonymous said...

This put a little tear in my eye. What beautiful, true words. I suspect I am about to leave my doll-state very soon, so your words run deep for me.

Ruby Jane

c* said...

oh darling, thank you ever so.