Tuesday, October 19, 2010

♥ little moon ♥

Darling, you are all pink dust and ilussions, a flower of diaphanous petals, eyelashes veiling old sadness left untold. There is no fixing, there is no magic to save you this time (pretty sugar cube melting over warm buttered fingers) No matter where you go, you'll carry yourself, all the lies you've told, all the wishes that haven't come alive.

You will always remain my bleeding poppy and even if one day you end up growing old, I shall still call you "my beautiful broken child", my little porcelain moon always about to crack. Most of the time when you are sleep, you smell of gardenias, whenever you are awake, you are dreaming and I want to keep the dreams frozen, I want to shelter you but there will never be a place large enough to hide you from all the things you fear.

You are beautiful but you are lost to the world, you are torn beyond mending. Your heartache is the kind that never heals (like mine, baby. we are the same flower). You are beautiful because you are tragic and I love you all the most. You are the ghost within my heart. A love so deep could never be sung to the world, you are my precious pearl between dirty fingers.

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