Friday, December 31, 2010

♥ 2010 ♥

Dear Diary:

Quite a funny thing to have broken apart from each other this way...We were together when loved ones craddled us and hid in separate places when darkness filled our sky. Whatever light touched, we lulled to sleep with the voices of mermaids and sonambulas hoping it would never fade away. Together, we were golden, darling and even if I didn't reach for you all that much this year, i still wrote and dreamed like a swan...I'll never be anything different, a moonbeam, a petal washed ashore, a whisper...

2010 was tough as nails, loss, oblivion, heartache and death...tears of innocence and tears of joy. Lovers gone, his hands so far away from my hips, his lips still touching mine... I fell to my knees, I tore my body to keep love flowering and love has come back to me again. All the glory of his dark italian ancestors, with his big dangerous eyes and that terribly large nose I've grown to love as if I had given birth to it.

Oh precious silent one, if there is one thing you've been, is a witness to all the love I've harbored for him. Every wish a command, waiting and waiting just to see glimpses of this chiseled face I've memorized by heart. Above all things, I've loved and I have loved fearlessly. No matter the cuts and the ruby blood, no matter the sorrow.

2010, you've been a horrible stain in my life, one that I'm ready to wipe away...good bye little bastard, do burn away and keep all your horror with you, go away, disappear and please do not hold the door for any other year like you.

As for you, darling diary, let's never be strangers. I'll bring words often, even if they are the same dove cry and poetic words you must have grown accustomed to see from me. I'll always be the same, a lamb, a mirage, a pearl, your swan.


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