Wednesday, December 15, 2010

♥ blonde pin-up (part 1) ♥

I've always been fascinated by pin-up photography and illustration.
In my mind, a pin-up girl has always been the perfect embodiment of a flirty, bubbly and frilly kind of sensuality.
I also think it's quite endeering how boys used to hang posters of these coquette damsels in distress up their walls instead of trying to find pervy photos of nipple-slips and underskirt shots on the internet.
You could say I'm one of those who believe that things were dreamier in the past.

No one like my darling lover Mimi to help me channel the spirit of the pin-up girls from the heyday and add it a little modern twist.

Ladies & Gentlemen;
here comes the tease!

The Playful Coquette


Dela said...

Qué hermosa toda la serie. Y minuto de silencio por la belleza de esos zapatos. *cierra los ojos y respira profundo*

c* said...

Gracias Adelina...
Indeed esos zapaticos son de ensueño!