Sunday, January 9, 2011

♥in butterfly red ♥

By the minute you’re gone, I’m already dreaming about you. In my sleep I can see those delicate girly hands you despise embroidering butterflies on my back, they have the same perfect shape like the one I bought in Bruges, when we were strangers to each other and I liked boys who would abuse my trust. With every stitch, comes out a tiny drop of blood and in my dream, I can feel pain, the piercing of the skin, the cold metal needle through me but at the very same time, the touch of your hands before each stitch works like a perfect balm to soothe the pain. After a while, I see all these butterflies you’ve embroidered in me and I cry, because they’re gorgeous and clumsy, I cry and I lie on my back despite the pain and you lay on top of me as we kiss, deep and wet, like those kisses you give me when you want to undress me.

As I breathe there is glass inside of me, I feel my lungs rattling, there is no remedy, I am lost to you, I come undone as you grab me by the waist and make me feel seduced & fearful. It’s always you, my darling, the way you’ve owned my body, how you’ve made me blush in delight, how you crush my dreams yet fill me with hope with every words and every promise. The way you unfold my fears one by one without even trying, how you’ve turned me into a wild caged thing waiting to be freed, it’ll always be you and the feverish sensation you awaken in me even in dreams.

One day,
all the love from my body will overflow and the white from my clothes
will be stained in butterfly red.
I’m going to marry you for a while,
I’m going to marry you in butterfly red.

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