Wednesday, January 12, 2011

♥ somebody's baby ♥

It’s baby and brown sad eyes, the fear, the big fear like a black hole in the heart. Baby and the fear of one day not being somebody’s baby, because you’ve always been somebody’s baby, somebody’s doll with rosebud lips, to feed and to hold. A Pierrot doll crying swan tears, a lullaby mother who nudge you to sleep when boys lied and when fathers left. Baby and the pale flowers of tomorrow, the dangerous turning of time, a boy who loved you and the boy you loved too much. Baby and perfumed sheets, shirts and silk forgotten somewhere, books and tears with wonderful stories to hush. Secrets & more secrets, like candycanes and rosy cheeks and girls with hair too long and girls with broken hearts. Always girls and bedroom eyes and kissy prints on loveletters and diaries filled with stories of nymph fever and drawings of fancy cakes and eyelashes long. Baby and golden wishes and pictures of boys you’ve loved and boys you’ll love forever, precious silence, mermaids swimming at dawn without you. Where are you going, my dearest? Tell me the things that occupy your thoughts? The great tragedies and the endless love. Baby was a swan, a pale ghost, a lover without tomorrow. Baby was so very much in love and won’t stop crying, won’t stop sorrow by blowing kisses or refussing to grow up. Baby won’t be somebody’s baby one day, no more.