Sunday, February 13, 2011

♥ a valentine story ♥

If I had to tell you a bedtime story, my darling, it'd be the story of lily and fawn; how they met and how they kissed, how lily was born into the world out of seafoam, how the sky bloomed into white blossoms when mama held the tiny bud in her arms and how fawn was born with dark sad eyes, with his legs all crooked and his brittle bones shaking. It'd be the story of you and I because it's the only story I seem to recollect whenever someone asks. Our story is one of blurry dreams and broken mirrors, ophelias blinded with melancholy and glass slippers tearing through delicate feet. It's about you and the devilish grin you've perfected into a smile that melts me into pools of flora and honey, it's about me and my lamb clothes hiding the wolf, it's about us and the terrifyingly beautiful thing we've been together. Never let me go, my dearest, never forget my name, the sorrow and the overwhelming joy you've brought into my life. Come, my lovely ghost, with your bloody hands and your sailor eyes and wash me ashore, crush me with the weight of your love, keep me, steal me, lay down beside me and listen to my story, it's about you and me, lily and fawn, let the love bleed, let the love bloom...

with undying love..


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