Saturday, May 21, 2011

♥ Le Mépris (1963) ♥

BB in all her splendor

Sunday, May 15, 2011

♥ thinking of you ♥

all through the morning
all through the evening

Friday, May 13, 2011

♥ a penny for your thoughts? ♥

Whenever you tell me “I’ve been talking about you the whole afternoon” a strange overwhelming sensation comes to me, like burning up and freezing all at the same time. All my limbs grow weak at the very thought of being a watercolor in your mind, I always wonder “what could he have possibly said?” and when I ask you, there is not an answer to be found. I’m always left alone in the same dark ocean of wonder and dreams.

Lying in my bed, I often think about these strange disturbing thoughts that occupy your brain, I often wish I could be a spy and find out everything there is to know about you… I wish I could know what makes you cry, what makes you burn, I wish I could live in your head, I wish I could flow out of your hands with the ink you write and fill every page with murder, violence and sex. every. little. thing.

Oh darling mine, if you ever knew how much I’d like to hijack your brain, find out the most terrible, horrible things you hide, you’d never want to see me again. I want to know you inside and out, I want your whispers, your tears, I want you absolutely and completely, I want to love you til it hurts….

A penny for your thoughts, my darling?

♥ Andromeda ♥

This kind of guy who notices your every move, who loves your lashes black as night and horribly thick like spider legs, notices the changes in the shade of your lipstick, touches you in inappropriate places in public spaces. this kind of guy who wants to own you and pours you glasses of champagne until you can barely remember your name anymore. This kind of guy who likes to see you dress up and paint your face in your own exquisite delicate manner just to have the pleasure to tear it all apart in seconds, just to smear paint from your lips all over your face. This kind of guy who holds you like a flower but who does not ask questions but makes decisions and claims ownership of your body, a guy who takes his time, a guy who decides what you will have for dinner and what you will do during the day while you are together, this kind of guy who makes you feel chained and bound like Andromeda even when he barely can run his own life without making a disaster out of it all. This kind of guy who seems perfectly harmless and innocent but who could still have you on your knees asking for more. Oh baby, once your friends said to me “oh you’ve got him eating from the palm of your hand” but, darling, if only they knew! if only they could see this beautiful kind of black spell you’ve woven around me.

And to think I once believed you were not a dangerous man!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

♥ beautymark ♥

This fine feathered line between dramatic attachment and sexual obsession, oh baby, how we seem to cross it far too often. I’ve spent far too much time counting and memorizing the moles on your chest and on your back, the feeling of running my fingers through your hair, the clinching jaw that softly and divinely hurts my collarbone when you lay on top of me.

Thinking on ways how to keep the scent of your body on mine for longer periods of time. There is not a thought, not a dream that hasn’t been invaded by you, your face, your wishes bestowed upon me, there is not a moment, baby, not a second of life, I manage to spend without you. I’ve worn you, I’ve worn you all over until these thoughts and shadows of you become too heavy for me to bear.

The last time we slept together, you gave me this wonderful bruise after telling me “I want to eat you alive”, I was shaken by the thought of dismemberment but fascinated by this predatory hunger in your eyes. In the soft peachy flesh of my inner thigh I carry this wonderful memory of you, it hasn’t faded yet and even though I wanted it to look heartshaped, the only thing I see is the mark of your teeth and the violence that consumes you. I am glad, baby. I’ll always be.

Rather inspire dangerous and terrifying passion than candor, sweetness and pathetic kindness.

Drink me in, break me in half but don’t you ever stop wanting me this way


Monday, May 2, 2011

♥ gifts, souvenirs and pretty things ♥

This boy I adore picked this doll for me, there are few things I love more than having him picking things for me.
Gifts, lipstick, perfume, books, dinner courses, desserts, champagne, places to go,
Most of these precious things, he picked for me.