Friday, May 13, 2011

♥ Andromeda ♥

This kind of guy who notices your every move, who loves your lashes black as night and horribly thick like spider legs, notices the changes in the shade of your lipstick, touches you in inappropriate places in public spaces. this kind of guy who wants to own you and pours you glasses of champagne until you can barely remember your name anymore. This kind of guy who likes to see you dress up and paint your face in your own exquisite delicate manner just to have the pleasure to tear it all apart in seconds, just to smear paint from your lips all over your face. This kind of guy who holds you like a flower but who does not ask questions but makes decisions and claims ownership of your body, a guy who takes his time, a guy who decides what you will have for dinner and what you will do during the day while you are together, this kind of guy who makes you feel chained and bound like Andromeda even when he barely can run his own life without making a disaster out of it all. This kind of guy who seems perfectly harmless and innocent but who could still have you on your knees asking for more. Oh baby, once your friends said to me “oh you’ve got him eating from the palm of your hand” but, darling, if only they knew! if only they could see this beautiful kind of black spell you’ve woven around me.

And to think I once believed you were not a dangerous man!

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