Friday, May 13, 2011

♥ a penny for your thoughts? ♥

Whenever you tell me “I’ve been talking about you the whole afternoon” a strange overwhelming sensation comes to me, like burning up and freezing all at the same time. All my limbs grow weak at the very thought of being a watercolor in your mind, I always wonder “what could he have possibly said?” and when I ask you, there is not an answer to be found. I’m always left alone in the same dark ocean of wonder and dreams.

Lying in my bed, I often think about these strange disturbing thoughts that occupy your brain, I often wish I could be a spy and find out everything there is to know about you… I wish I could know what makes you cry, what makes you burn, I wish I could live in your head, I wish I could flow out of your hands with the ink you write and fill every page with murder, violence and sex. every. little. thing.

Oh darling mine, if you ever knew how much I’d like to hijack your brain, find out the most terrible, horrible things you hide, you’d never want to see me again. I want to know you inside and out, I want your whispers, your tears, I want you absolutely and completely, I want to love you til it hurts….

A penny for your thoughts, my darling?

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