Monday, May 2, 2011

♥ Russia ♥

If a boy invites you to Russia, you close your eyes and say yes! You do not put up resistance because adversities and fear are not important when love is the real motive. Like a mermaid, you surrender to the tides, you glisten and flow creating echoes of rippling beauty. When a boy takes you to Russia, you pack your bags with treasures and secrets and you leave, baby, you never look back. You fly the skies like there's no tomorrow and you meet him wearing your best smile and showing undying love in your eyes, behind your darkest longest lashes. When a boy takes you to Russia, you glow and transform yourself into a gorgeous dream, if you have to cry, you wait until the lights are turned off, if you have silly dissagrements, you forget about them because, honey, you are in Russia and you are blooming with love. Your personal tragedies and petty dramas stop being important, you promise to yourself to have the time of your life and you do indeed.

Gorgeous mornings of shining sun, dark wooly coats, endless walks with sore feet, grand metro stations, unspeakable language, laughs and midnight kisses, hugs and warmth and that silly way in which he always makes you smile, ballet nights and dinners in romantic places, darling girls with matryoshka eyelashes, red glowy lips everywhere, the sweet scent of green tea carried away by the wind, jasmine blossoms, brown leather jackets, big teethy smiles and my heart singing songs..

In the name of love, I give myself away, I let the sorrow wash away and learn to follow with blind faith. Wherever it may be, Russia, Barcelona...when someone loves you through time, heartache and tears, you stay put, baby, you bloom in splendor and you promise never to run away.

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