Saturday, June 18, 2011

♥ for Patricia ♥

I love you, baby

Monday, June 13, 2011

♥ Marlene ♥

A lovely book I got a couple of years ago in Paris

Sunday, June 5, 2011

♥ missing you ♥

Dreaming my way out of missing you, my darling. The warmth of your body, the violence in your eyes, the sheer swinging way in which you have crept up into my every breath, these are things I can’t forget, baby. 

I trick myself into looking away, I fool myself into falling in love with all of these silly things that keep my heart afloat but it’s not the same. At the end of the day, there is beauty and nothing else, every night the ghost of your love haunts me, every-single-night, all the love I have harboured for you, all the tears and the lovely sighs, that wonderful night in which you told me I was your pearl.

oh my love, how could I possibly forget all the wonderful things we’ve lived together? (getting drunk in lots of different hotel rooms, that awful beard you sported a couple of summers back, the trembling of your touch, the plushness of your lips, the dirty dirty things we’ve done to each other, how everytime you break my heart, you ask me to marry you, how you make my mascara run from crying and from laughing so hard all on the same day, every girly hissyfit I’ve ever thrown whenever you don’t listen to me, the way you demand to be taken care of like a baby. How could I possibly ever stop loving such a stupid brute yet achingly passionate and terribly beautiful man?.

I’ve heard “distance makes the heart grow fonder” but baby, distance only makes my pretty little heart grow sadder, so I dream, I dream away and pretend we’re not that far apart. I wait, darling, I wait for your touch, for the melody of your voice to carry me throught all the awful routines of every day night. My heart is always one phonecall away, one ocean away, one promise away.

My heart is wherever your heart lays. Dreaming my way out of dying without you, my love.

I hope I can see you before hope vanishes from my heart