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♥ The Beauty Process ♥

I love beauty products, I find it so fascinating how a little bit of cream, black ink smeared through lashes and a pout in blooming pink can make a face look magically seductive. To me, beauty products and therefore aesthetics are genderless, you use whatever you feel like, there are no restrictions nor limits to create the dream you believe you could be. 
In my book has always been more important to love what I see in the mirror than people's reaction to it. There will always be someone who will disagree and judge but at the end of the day, it's up to them and it has nothing to do with me. 

I believe in beauty first and foremost, I believe it's important and necessary to have a personal aesthetic, whichever that could be. My immense love for beauty and beauty products has more to do with ideals rather than with terrible vanity (although I am a pretty vain fool). 

It's all about secrecy and trickery, hiding what is not supossed to show, witchcraft and seduction...enhancing what is wonderful and concealing the flaws, it's never been about looking right for others but more about feeling like conquering the world when everything seems to look just right.

It's all make-believe
yet it's a make-believe that can always be recreated and washed off after a little while,

Here are some of my favorite beauty secrets and beauty wonders as of late;

from left to right

♥ Tuberose Silky body oil by Terranova
♥ Huile Prodigieuse, a multi-usage dry oil by Nuxe
♥ Nirvanesque eye contour cream by Nuxe
♥ Avibon vitamin A pommade
♥ Sheer lipstick in Belle de Jour by NARS
♥ Rouge G Le Brilliant in Gardenia by Guerlain
♥ Powder blush in Exhibit A by NARS
♥ Convertible Colour rouge for cheeks and lips in Poppy by Stilla
♥ Fragance lip balm in Groseille by Gal Collection
♥ Volume Booster lipstick in Foxy by Rimmel London
 ♥ Doll Eye volume mascara by NYX
♥ Gardenia Passion Eau de Toilette by Annick Goutal
♥ Hydra-Mask intense moisturising and regenerating care by Embryolisse

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 Tuberose Silky body oil by Terranova

A wonderful blend of primrose oil, safflower oil and vitamin e that melts quickly into skin leaving a shiny yet never greasy coat that locks in moisture. I personally find it to be more hydrating than most body creams and lotions, it's great to use after a shower while your skin is still wet. 
The scent is pure tuberose in all it's glory
(never for the faint of heart), it's all hothouse flowers and poetic reveries of romance and sensuality.

Huile Prodigieuse, a multi-usage dry oil by Nuxe

During the last couple of months, I've been absolutely obsessed with oils in every form. This is the quintessencial dry oil that's been raved about in every magazine and beauty column. A mixture of 6 plant oils (Borage, St Johnswort, Sweet Almond, Camellia, Hazelnut, Macadamia). I use it on my face and around my eyes most every night, it sinks into skin in seconds and it doesn't look greasy or too shiny, it has the most amazing subtle scent, a sort of warm whisper of jasmine and almonds. Sometimes I mix it with foundation to make it look dewy and hazy.

Gardenia Passion Eau de Toilette by Annick Goutal

My love got this perfume for me, it's the most darling recreation of Gardenia (there is no real absolute of this flower to make perfume with) it has a dry undertone of spiced tuberose and some warm woods that are only noticeable after a long while. the dry down is wonderful, a warm white floral for special moments.
My love is absolutely allergic to most Gardenia notes, yet he never ceases to bestow Gardenia infused perfumes on my lap. This little detail says a lot of the kind of toxic relationship we have most of the time.

(orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose, moss, vanilla)

 Powder blush in Exhibit A by NARS
A gorgeous powder blush in the most perfect true red. Inspired by this Guy Bourdin Photograph. NARS blushers are extremely finely milled and show on skin with the lightest touch. I use a very fine fan brush for this because I do not care for looking like a clown prostitute. With a very soft touch, it gives the most dreamy cherry cheeks.

Stilla's Covertible Color in Poppy
Rouge for cheeks and lips in my dear poppy red. This creamy little thing melts to the very touch of fingertips and it can be built up or down according to personal taste. It gives a very dewy soft look when done right.

Volume Booster lipstick in Foxy by Rimmel London
A pink nude lipstick that plumps your lips. I'm truly not a fan of lip plumpers and I must admit that when I looked at the color of this lipstick I did not think of anything else and bought it. That tingly feeling that comes with plumping lipstick is barely there in this lovely stick. It's gorgeous and lasts for ages.

Doll Eye Volume Mascara by NYX
Full spidery lashes with lots of length and incredible volume. It does not flake or smudge once it's on. There is this trick I usually fall for in beauty advertising; if something says "doll eye","baby lips", "nude", "dreamy" or "romantic", I'm done! it will be soon part of my beauty stash, I'm weak and foolish like that...

Sheer lipstick in Belle de Jour by NARS
The ultimate sheer neutral nude lipstick. It has a buttery creamy texture and it's truly the most natural nude I've ever owned and I have owned tons and tons of nude lipsticks.

Rouge G Le Brilliant in Gardenia by Guerlain
This lipstick is the future. It comes in a very heavy package with two tiny mirrors on each side for reaplication (do not love the heavy part but I understand why it is so). It goes on lips with such an incredible ease and it stays on forever. This colour is marvelous, a toned down dusty rose with true pink undertones, very natural and soft.

Avivon vitamin a pommade

This cream is all sorts of creepy, it's thick and goopy, it has a yellowish color which is not pleasant at all yet it smells like roses. It's truly a weird little thing, the packaging is awful and when you look at it or put it on your skin does not make you want to use it ever again, yet if you are patient enough and wait until next morning, I promise you'll feel differently. It's magic in a tube! a healing ointment for all kinds of crazy skin problems. It's pure vitamin a with some vaseline and lanolin which means that it's also a great anti-wrinkle secret. I put it all around my eyes or wherever my skin is flaring up. I use it on my lips as lip balm and I look awful before going to bed, but the next morning, I kiss my little tube and promise never to part from it

Hydra-Mask Intensive Moisturising and Regenerating care by Embryolisse

This is a great face mask. I lay a layer of this once or twice and week, leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse off with warm water and voilá! soft supple dreamy skin all over.
I believe the secret ingredient is Hyaluronic acid but just because I like to believe it also contains Almond oil, Sesame oil and vitamins A, E and F

Nirvanesque eye contour cream by Nuxe

On Nuxe's site you can find this description of its ingredients;
Hyaluronic Acid fills fine lines and wrinkles, Amaranth smoothes the epidermis for a rested look. Optical pigment correctors have an instant action against dark circles, masking blemishes and leaving you looking radiant. The patented trio of active ingredients by NUXE (Blue Lotus Seeds, Mallow Root and Poppy Seeds) reduces muscle contractions, leaving the skin looking relaxed.

I can't arguee with scientists. I love it, it's soft and it disappears quickly, I don't have that many fine lines yet but I believe this should keep those little suckers at bay.

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