Monday, August 1, 2011

♥ Buenos Aires ♥

Find the time and travel the oceans to sleep with the ones you love. Share meals, secrets and tears in the dark, ask them questions until they are answered, rummage through the silence, see the world unfold with doe-eyed wonder, take naps and laugh like a child before going to bed. Hug your sadness like a doll, no one can ever do such a thing for you, blossom even in the coldest weather, try not to miss the man you love too much, wherever he is, he misses you too, dream of him every night, even if it’s all doomed and your eyes fill with tears when you do so. remember every girl who has loved you when others have love you not, surrender, darling, learn to feel safe even when you are breaking. Walk miles and miles and see how everyone is doing whatever they can to feel joy, everybody is doing their damn best to take the next breath... believe that whatever maladies you’re surviving will one day seem petty and small, try and forget yourself for a little while and see the light shine through.. 

From every little pain survived, One day, you’ll grow a flower...

These are little vignettes from a wonderful trip from which I returned a couple of weeks ago.
 It’s been so hard to resume all the beauty, but indeed, I tried my best.

I shall be posting more of these during the following days

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