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♥ jeune filles en fleur ♥

Beware of young girls
who come to the door
wistful and pale of twenty and four
delivering daisies with delicate hands

Beware of young girls
too often they crave to cry
at a wedding and dance on a grave

Beware of young girls,
Beware of young girls, beware..

Doris Previn

Monday, October 24, 2011

♥ favorite things ♥

new "favorite things" at Heavenly Creatures!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

♥ La Joven Dolores ♥

drawings and photographs inspired by La Joven Dolores by Christina Rosenvinge

♥ f ♥

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♥ f ♥

my vision of love in caramel and honey auburn

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♥ f ♥

my vision of love in caramel and honey auburn

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♥ f ♥

My vision of love in caramel and honey auburn...

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♥ Lucia ♥

"She did not mind her days alone, away from the eyes outside. It was better this way, her secret stories hidden so no one could touch them, take them. Her sisters listened, rapt, but did not try to take. They cared more for the eyes and the ears; they seemed to want to collect these like charms to wear around their necks, the eyes and ears and the mouths whispering - beautiful, beautiful, why did it matter she wondered. She was free, still, like a child. The way it is before you are seen and then after that you can never remember who you are unless someone else show it to you."
Excerpt from Glass
by Francesca Lia Block

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