Sunday, February 26, 2012

♥ books ♥

Beautiful books I've acquired recently

♥ O' Doubt O' Stars ♥

One of the beautifulest records I've listened to in my life

♥ beauty ♥

I must have done something wonderful, somewhere, matter where I go, beauty is always around, no matter for how long I leave, no matter how much I forget, beauty finds a way to seep into my life making me bloom with joy.

There are not many exciting things happening, I could say I'm a quiet person and I'd rather keep most things to myself yet all the tiny little joys that fill the days are enough for me to keep on dreaming. 

love, love, love is all I need, love and boys with dark voices, long eyelashes everyday, Anaïs Nin to bed, the swan lake that has been my love life (filled with tragedy and departures), muses, ballet beautiful, nude slippers, babies to teach, girls to fancy, many a thing to take care of, dreams for the future and kisses to give away..

I've been away but life never stops, darlings..
life is ablooming with beauty!